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Georgian Gentility at the Forsyth Park Inn

Forsyth Park Inn, Savannah, GeorgiaIt was built in 1893 as a private residence. At some point, it became a boarding house, followed by an apartment house. In the 1980s, this wonderful Queen Anne Victorian was repurposed as the Forsyth Park Inn. And it was my home for a couple of days in the Savannah Historic District, one of the most beautiful historic districts in the United States. Read about it >

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Here’s the Beef

Despite the abundance of large hotels and office buildings in downtown Atlanta, outdoor dining proved a little tricky to find. But, with determined perseverance, I managed to locate a few. Best of them all was Cuts Steakhouse, a higher-end Southern-style steakhouse that serves popular dishes with an upscale twist. Read about it >

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Gorgin’ on Georgian

Veal stew, Old Tbilisi Garden, New York, New YorkExactly one week after watching a television show about traveling to Georgia (the ancient land tucked into the Caucasus region, not the Peach State), I stumbled upon a Georgian restaurant in New York. With fresh mental images of this intriguing foreign land, I knew I had to take advantage of this fortuitous coincidence and stop here for lunch to sample the flavors of this faraway nation. Read about Old Tbilisi Garden >

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Savannah’s Best Buildings in America’s Best Historic District

Savannah Cotton Exchange, Savannah, GeorgiaWith hundreds of buildings in Savannah’s five historic districts, it’s virtually impossible to select some favorites, particularly in the Savannah Historic District, one of the largest such districts in the United States. Within its confines, I came across the birthplace of the founder of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, one of the South’s first public museums, the oldest African American Baptist congregation in the United States, the house that launched the city’s preservation movement, and the third-oldest synagogue and the oldest standing pre–Civil War rail facility in America. Impressive as they are, even these beauties didn’t emerge as my favorites. Read more about the top five buildings in Savannah, Georgia >

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Five U.S. Historic Districts That Make You Yearn for Yesteryear

Champion-McAplin House, Savannah, GeorgiaDesignated historic districts in cities throughout the United States provide a tangible glimpse into their past as well as the opportunity to experience a unique urban environment. Long before the era of modern, uninspired skyscrapers and insipid glass-and-steel boxes that increasingly make cities less distinguishable from one another, these places developed as areas not to be mistaken for any other. Thanks to historic preservation movements and landmark commissions, they survive today to entertain, educate and enchant us. These are my top five historic districts in the United States. Read more >