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Thai Farm Kitchen, New York City

Thai Farm Kitchen (New York, New York)

Thai Farm Kitchen, New York CityA handful of restaurants along Peck Slip draws a good number of diners away from the more touristy part of New York’s South Street Seaport. What started as a docking place for boats in 1775, Peck Slip (named for Benjamin Peck, a British merchant in pre-Revolutionary War New York) remained a bustling shipping hub for decades as well as a locale of historic importance: George Washington and his troops hid out here in April 1776 following their retreat at the Battle of Long Island, and the first steam-powered vessel to cross the Atlantic docked here from England in 1838. Filled in by the mid-1800s, the former water inlet still feels like “old New York,” with its historic buildings and its designation as the widest street in New York City paved with Belgian stone blocks.

I appreciated all of that when I grabbed an outdoor table at Thai Farm Kitchen. And I made sure to look up at the polychromatic brickwork and the 45 star anchors tying in the timber floors to the masonry steel wall of this building from 1873 that was originally constructed for the trustees of Roosevelt Hospital. The restaurant brings contemporary dining to this historic location, serving up authentic Thai cuisine that employs high-quality ingredients from Thailand and organic produce from the United States. Listed among The New York Times’ Best Bites of 2019 From Around the World to New York, Thai Farm Kitchen offers up farm-to-table service with a warm smile and delectable flavors.

Fork and KnifeTry This: Start with an irresistible sweet-creamy Thai iced with milk (and ask to go sparingly on the ice). The wrinkled minced chicken dumplings with scallions, egg, and the chef’s secret sauce activate your taste buds in the best way imaginable. For your entrée, work your way through the pasture-raised lamb shank served with a mouthwatering curry sauce of cumin, coriander, and lemongrass, accompanied by potatoes and sprinkled with peanuts and crispy shallots. It blends beautifully with a side of jasmine rice.




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