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Daily Bread

Daily Bread

Alligator nuggets? Asparagus wine? Tomato sorbet? Llama cutlets? Oryx steak? Beetroot gnocchi? Why not? You’re in a new place, so go beyond the familiar and treat your taste buds to a party at a great restaurant. I’ll take you there.

I’ve never classified myself as a “foodie,” a rather pretentious term people assign themselves if they know the difference between a yam and a sweet potato. On the other hand, I’ve never been able to understand people who eat just for sustenance and don’t particularly care what they consume, especially when they’re on vacation. I attribute this bafflement to my Italian heritage, where food is so integral to all other aspects of life that it’s unimaginable to me how anyone cannot relish a delectable meal, no matter what else they’re doing.

If you’re in Vienna, why are you patronizing Starbucks? And why are you searching for a McDonald’s in Buenos Aires? You shouldn’t be.

Now, we all have our limitations. You won’t ever catch me sampling roasted scorpions on a skewer. But if I never tried something new, I wouldn’t know I actually love whale steak, like conch fritters, loathe vegemite, and found haggis to be a savory and tasty delight, nowhere near as revolting as any non-Scot believes it to be.

These are some of my favorite culinary experiences. Whether it’s gelato so delicious you could easily ingest a gallon in one sitting, a mouthwatering lunch prepared by students at a culinary institute, or a phenomenal dinner in a restaurant that I can only hope will remain in business for eternity, this is where you should be eating.

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