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Five U.S. Historic Districts That Make You Yearn for Yesteryear

Champion-McAplin House, Savannah, GeorgiaDesignated historic districts in cities throughout the United States provide a tangible glimpse into their past as well as the opportunity to experience a unique urban environment. Long before the era of modern, uninspired skyscrapers and insipid glass-and-steel boxes that increasingly make cities less distinguishable from one another, these places developed as areas not to be mistaken for any other. Thanks to historic preservation movements and landmark commissions, they survive today to entertain, educate and enchant us. These are my top five historic districts in the United States. Read more >



Sure Things in Saratoga Springs

October in Saratoga Springs, New York: Racing season is over, the thoroughbreds are on vacation, and the smart set has returned home. Picking a winner now does not revolve around our equine friends. Rather, it becomes a wager on where to have dinner.

Saratoga Springs doesn’t have countless options, but the choices that do exist will more than satisfy foliage seekers who’ve come to revel in the autumnal leaves in this attractive city of beautiful Victorian homes from the late 1800s. For a hearty meal in a historic setting, the Olde Bryan Inn is a sure bet. (Read more about the Olde Bryan Inn > ) And if you’re in the mood for something more elegant, the fine American bistro Maestro’s at the Van Dam will be the big payoff. (Read more about Maestro’s > )