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Big Treasures in a Tiny Capital

Brock House, Montpelier, VermontThe compact downtown area of Montpelier, Vermont, tucks a lot into it: farm-to-table dining establishments, independently owned shops, history, natural beauty, cultural attractions. Strolling among them is delightful, especially if you appreciate architecture. The city has a surprising number of noteworthy buildings, belying its diminutive size. Read about the top five buildings in Montpelier, Vermont >

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Marking Mark’s Feast Day

St. Augustine Catholic Church, Montpelier, VermontApril 25 marks the Feast Day of St. Mark, one of the Four Evangelists who wrote one of the gospels and spread the Word of God. His life mission took him around the eastern Mediterranean, to Cyprus and northern Africa, and his death, in 68 AD, is the stuff of legend. Over the centuries, he has been portrayed as both a young and an old man in just about every form of art imaginable. Read more about the top five depictions of St. Mark >

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Students Create Culinary Art at Montpelier’s NECI on Main

As soon as I discovered that the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont, operated a restaurant downtown, I knew exactly where I was going to have lunch. Just a short and charming walk from the campus, NECI on Main serves as a working laboratory for the students who may very well become tomorrow’s master chefs. Taught the mantras of organic, sustainable, and seasonal foods, NECI students channel what they learn in the classroom and on field trips to local farms into works of art on a plate. Don’t feel apprehensive about their relative inexperience — these students are serious about what they produce and how it’s presented. Judging by the meal I enjoyed, they’ll graduate with honors. Read more >