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The Best of New Zealand’s Biggest City


St. Mary's in Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland, New ZealandAfter an entire day in airports and on planes, from New York to California to New Zealand, the temptation to stay in my comfortable king-size bed in my darkened hotel room and hibernate for a day was eroding my will to go out and explore. But Auckland has too much to experience to sleep it all away. So, after a restorative power nap, I began poking around the largest city in the country. Read about the top five things to see and do in Auckland, New Zealand >

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I am a writer and editor with 30 years of experience in my field and 45 years of travel adventures.

2 thoughts on “The Best of New Zealand’s Biggest City

  1. Your post brings back memories… I had traveled to Auckland long back and most of the places you mentioned are been there done that. However, I missed Symonds Street Cemetery …looks really spooky.


  2. Hi, Monica. Thanks for the comment! Yes, that cemetery was definitely worth a visit if you ever need some goose bumps!


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