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Auckland’s Architectural Gems


Old Arts Building, Auckland, New ZealandI was returning to Auckland via ferry from breakfast and a low-key morning in Devonport. Ahead of me, the skyline of New Zealand’s largest city marched along the harborfront, dominated by modern office and residential towers. With the exception of the Sky Tower and the cheerful Ferry Terminal, this fairly generic skyline could be interchanged most anywhere — Vancouver, for example, or Miami or Honolulu. Once I looked beyond that, however, I found that the city has an impressive list of heritage buildings, more than 200 structures with significant and valued historical and cultural heritage. Read more about the top five buildings in Auckland >

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3 thoughts on “Auckland’s Architectural Gems

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      • So sweet potato, I had that on to get notices immediately. I toggled the other buttons. Don’t want to miss all your treks since u don’t get a personal play by play….and I miss your autumnal parties


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