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Five Doors to Admire Before You Open Them


House of the Blackhead, Tallinn, EstoniaWe pass through doors countless times every day — in our home, our workplace, the subway, elevators, barns, garages. Most are fairly unremarkable, utilitarian means of egress. But every now and then, a masterfully crafted door stands out in the crowd, arresting our attention, hinting at something remarkable behind it and enticing us to go inside and discover the treasures or surprises awaiting us on the other side. These are my top five doors in the world. Read more >

Author: stephentravels

I am a writer and editor with 30 years of experience in my field and 45 years of travel adventures.

4 thoughts on “Five Doors to Admire Before You Open Them

  1. Stephen these doors are all stunning in their own right. I’m thrilled to see a U.S. door made the list, and the one in Estonia makes me happy just looking at it. Based on that color scheme it only seems appropriate that they began the public display of Christmas trees!!


  2. Some beauties there. I remember seeing the door in Tallinn, and have a cheesey photo of me by it. There was a queue of people waiting to have their photo taken next to it!


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