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A Night in a Barn in Scottsbluff, Nebraska


Barn Anew, Scottsbluff, NebraskaOccasionally in my youth, if I ever happened to leave a door open, my parents would ask me if I lived in a barn. I never understood that commonly employed expression: Do people in barns leave the doors open? Wouldn’t the horses and cows and pigs get out? Was it just something that city dwellers said to disparage rural folk? I never found out. But now that I have stayed overnight at Barn Anew, a terrifically unique bed and breakfast in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, I can say for the first time that, yes, I have lived in a barn. Read more >


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2 thoughts on “A Night in a Barn in Scottsbluff, Nebraska

  1. I am so happy to see this write up that came to me via Facebook. My family ,the Brashear’s, are the ones who built the Barn. I was lucky enough to be one of them that lived in the small house that remains on the property. I have also retuned as a guess to the Barn Anew and love the recreation of a wonderful barn. Many memories of growing up there with my family.


    • Wow! Thank you for sharing that! Your family clearly did a fine job; you certainly are lucky to have lived there. I’m so happy that it still exists, and is being well cared for. It’s a beautiful spot, and is definitely one of the most memorable places I’ve ever stayed. I can only imagine what it was like in its pre-B&B days as a working barn!


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