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European Nature at Its Finest

Plitvice Lakes National Park, CroatiaAfter spending more than a week in urban Croatia, in Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb, and enjoying their myriad attractions (not to mention lots of fine red Croatian wine), it was time to see one of the most beautiful national parks not only in this Balkan nation, but in all of Europe. So I hopped on a bus for a two-hour ride from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes National Park and then spent a glorious day exploring this outstanding attraction. Read about it >


Falling for Iguazú

Argentina - Iguazú - Lower Ciricuit ViewDeep within South America, in the northeastern arm of Argentina that forces its way between Brazil and Paraguay, Iguazú National Park teems with life. Jaguars, howler monkeys, ocelots, countless birds and more than 2,000 vascular plants thrive in the park’s 212 square miles. But the main draw, by far, is the 275 cascades that compose Iguazú Falls. Wider than Africa’s Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara, Iguazú attracts about one million visitors per year. When I first saw this natural wonder of the world, the adjectives to describe it couldn’t come fast enough: awe-inspiring, beguiling, tremendous, exotic, enchanting. Clearly, I had just arrived at the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen. Read more >