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Flirting With Aconcagua

The tallest mountain in both the Western and Southern hemispheres is the jewel of a gorgeous provincial park. Rising above its fellow Andes to a height of nearly 23,000’, Mt. Aconcagua straddles the Argentina-Chile border. Although I had no intention of scaling to its summit, I was keen to experience the dramatic and strikingly beautiful approach toward its base. Read more about it >

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Purmamarca: The Most Colorful Place in Argentina

Purmamarca, ArgentinaI had never heard of the tiny town of Purmamarca until I arrived in nearby Salta and happened to see a postcard featuring the Cerro de los Siete Colores. I knew at once I had to see the Hill of Seven Colors. The polychromatic mountain, layered in oranges and purples, is a spectacular display of color in the foothills of the Argentinean Andes, standing at the edge of the town, and one of the world’s top natural curiosities. Once I arrived here, however, I quickly learned that the mountain isn’t the only kaleidoscopic thing around: The market in Purmamarca’s only plaza, ablaze with vibrant textiles and clothing, does its fair share in making this village the most colorful place in Argentina. Read more >