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Top 5 Aquariums


Seattle Aquarium, Seattle, WashingtonThe deep blue sea is probably the last great unexplored place on the planet — a dark, forbidding netherworld filled with beauty and mystery that has long held the fascination of mariners and landlubbers alike. Examine any map from the 1500s and you’ll see the oceans illustrated with ferocious sea monsters that terrorized sailors. Although many of the legends and myths surrounding those creatures have been dispelled or explained (mermaids don’t really exist, and the Kraken was most likely a giant squid), the sea and its myriad denizens still fascinate us.

Whether it’s the ferocious dragonfish or horrifying viperfish that could petrify even the bravest explorer, the perennially happy clownfish (thank you, Nemo), the vividly colorful mandarinfish, or the remarkably intelligent dolphin, life under the sea is an ongoing voyage of discovery. Thanks to aquariums around the world, we don’t have to plunge to the ocean floor to see and understand what lies beneath (although that’s fun, too). These are my top five aquariums in the world. Read more >

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Aquariums

  1. So surprised to see someplace in KY as number one! Another reason for me to get there one day. I have been to the Seattle aquarium. I thought it was nice, but as compared to the aquarium in Mystic, CT which I have visited a number of times I didn’t see it as being that special. Have you been to Mystic? If not, hope you can come someday! Lots to see there in addition to the aquarium 🙂


  2. Love aquariums! The best one we ever saw was in Toronto, Canada :).


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