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When I first began to travel in earnest, my goal was to see every country in the world. Given the restrictions of a full-time job and a middle-class income, however, that dream soon evaporated. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to visit a fair share of locations throughout the world. And no matter where I’ve been or what I’ve done — whether it’s hiking in the Andes, butchering the Icelandic language, or sipping a mint julep on the veranda of a Louisiana plantation house — my journeys continually expose me to the beauty of this world and, in the process, hopefully make me a better global citizen.

These are my stories.

Swiss Camels and an Exploding SnowmanSwiss Camels and an Exploding Snowman

While wandering around the streets of Zurich, the last thing I expected to see were a few camels being led by Bedouins. I also didn’t anticipate joining thousands of other people who were waiting to set fire to a straw and cotton wool snowman. But this was the Sechseläuten, and everybody loves a parade. Read more >

Venice Churches Without MassesVenice Churches Without Masses

The Basilica di San Marco is stuffed to capacity from morning to night, and with good reason — it’s simply stunning. But once I ventured away from Venice’s main attraction in the Piazza San Marco, I found other houses of worship that are just as noteworthy. The best part? I had them all to myself. Read more >

Rancho de Chimayo, New MexicoRancho de Chimayó

Halfway between Santa Fe and Taos, in the small town of Chimayó, New Mexico, I happened upon a family-owned restaurant that does everything right. Combining traditional and contemporary New Mexican cuisine, Rancho de Chimayó serves up just about the best meal you’ll find in the Land of Enchantment. Read more >

Blue Heron Inn (Rigby, Idaho)Blue Heron Inn

Situated on the South Fork of the Snake River in Rigby, Idaho, the six-bedroom log and stone Blue Heron Inn is the perfect place to immerse yourself in total tranquility. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot blue herons flying by, but you’ll always be guaranteed an inspiring sunrise and a delectable breakfast. Read more >

Five Favorite Bridges

Five Favorite Bridges

Grand or humble, long or short, vehicular or pedestrian, steel or stone, bridges have long held an allure for me, with their promise of spanning a gap and leading me elsewhere. These are my five favorites. Read more >

Author: stephentravels

I am a writer and editor with 30 years of experience in my field and 45 years of travel adventures.

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  1. You got pictures from all over the world. Now you can share them.


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